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CV Skills - Writing a successful CV

1hr Workshop with a facilitator and staff support. 

Age Range: 14-16 

Supporting young people to feel confident about entering into the world of work can be key to their employment journey. A useful first step to this is understanding how to demonstrate their skills, interests and experience and creating an impactful CV to showcase them.

The activities in this workshop support young people developing a CV. Suitable for students who already have a CV, they can use these activities as inspiration to improve it.

Students focus on understanding the purpose and function of a CV, including what information it needs to include and how best to organise that information. The lesson builds further learning through activities that look at other students CVs and consider different CV layouts.

Goal Settings

1hr workshop with facilitator and staff support.

Age Range: 14-19

This lesson is designed to help students set achievable goals to work towards. It includes group discussions, SMART targets and motivational techniques.

By the end of the activity students will be able to:

  • Identify the smaller steps and strategies they need to take to work towards a larger goal

  • Understand what the SMART acronym stands for and how this strategy can be used to make goals attainable

  • Recognise how developing a growth mindset can help reach goals.

Road Code Practice

1hr workshop with staff support.

Age Range: 15-19

The road code pathway has been developed in collaboration with NZTA to help adults and young adults prepare for their learner and restricted driver licences, while at the same time strengthening their literacy and numeracy. 

The 56 modules provide a comprehensive coverage of the skills needed for the learner and restricted licences.  The module content covers the licence process and important road skills such as scanning for hazards, reading road signs, how to give way at intersections and roundabouts, driving to the conditions and how to keep yourself and others safe on the roads.


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