Chairman's Marae Report May 2022

Ngati Manawa, tena tatou katoa.


 This report provides an update of the current activities for the month ending 31 May 2022.

It certainly has been a very busy month for the Runanga regarding a number of projects and opportunities that have come our way. The TRONM board would like to share some of the work that is happening within our rohe as outlined below.   




  a. Ngati Manawatanga


Education Grants 2022

Secondary School - These grants opened on Tuesday 1st February and closed on Friday 29 April at 4 pm. Our secondary school grants have 19 completed applications, which are ready for approval by the Charitable Trust, and 7 incomplete applications. There are 38 completed and four incomplete applications for Tertiary Grants. In our Ringa Awhina, applicants are notified that more information is needed and what needs to be completed. We believe applicants have ample time from Feb to April to complete applications.


An incomplete application can vary from the lack of required files not uploaded to complete the application to applicants applying for the wrong grant, applicants who are just browsing the grants but not applying, or parents who are applying for tamariki over the age of 18. We encourage parents to contact their tamariki to sign up for MaoriMe.


As part of the Charitable Trust calendar, the Ringa Awhina (grants) opens on the specified date and closes on the day and time specified. The education grants are not visible to applicants after 4:00 pm on MaoriME and are only visible to the processing team after that time.


 b. Iwi Development


The major focus is on three recovery and resilience strategies after covid.

  1. Work and jobs

  2. Re-engaging with kura and training

  3. Re-establishing links to our marae and tangihanga protocols.

Work with Manawa Tu and Manawa Rere to drive work and employment and surveying community responses to Covid support from mid-December to mid-April 22 will inform further strategies for support.  Extending the work done in our employment strategy to include trade and vocational training in support of Manawa oho and Manawa Wai are in funding negotiations at an early stage.


 c. Pou Taiao/Iwi Environment


Tuna Heke

The dwindling number of migrating tuna transferred this season is a concern, this is potentially due to seasonal changes and atmospheric conditions. Challenges faced include maintaining staffing levels, equipment being stolen, access to supplies, securing funds, and managing river debris and weed. It is intended to negotiate fish passages throughout the resource consent process with both Trustpower and Southern Energy as the preferred long-term solution. Through the Te Mana o Te Wai project, we aim to build the capability of our people to protect and monitor the awa and to develop the required skills to participate in all tuna monitoring contracts that are negotiated with the relevant power companies. Iwi succession planning in tuna monitoring and trap and transfer is required to ensure we can maintain such practices and matauranga, long-term.

Tuna Action Plan

Inquiries have been made through the Regional Council Māori Advisor to determine what progress has been made when implementing the plan. The report has since been sent to the Rangitāiki River Forum secretary for further consideration. We aim to contribute to the plan once we have completed the Te Mana o Te Wai project and have conducted the relevant research.


Matahina Water Training

An opportunity was presented through Trustpower and Kokopu Trust for one representative from Ngāti Manawa to participate in water safety training in support of the Tuna Heke at Matahina. A decision was made to decline the offer as not all iwi had been informed of the initiative. The same opportunity has been presented through D.O.C to train our project team which is our preferred option. A contract to provide services in support of the initiative will be negotiated once there is an agreement with the relevant iwi. Trustpower has since considered providing an update at the next Rangitāiki River Forum hui.



A site visit was conducted at the K.K.P and Murupara log yard site to assess their current stormwater system. The K.P.P resource consent expires in November of this year and the Murupara Log Yard in 2026.

Timberlands intend to upgrade the Murupara Log Yard stormwater system however they are planning to discharge into the tributaries which will leach into the wetlands and river. We have suggested to Dan Phillips to look at alternative solutions whilst they are in the initial stages of planning and design. We showed him the Wetlands located on Kopuriki Road and explained why these sites are significant to Ngati Manawa. We have requested that an independent assessment be funded for the K.K.P application and a C.I.A report. We have requested that soil tests be undertaken where discharge currently settles on the whenua at the K.P.P site, their monitoring data, reports, and assessments. We have requested additional information from the Regional Council held on file to compare data.

Southern Energy

We have requested a proposal from Southern Generation regarding the proposed gravel extraction at Rabbit bridge and along the Delta. Regional Council has requested an ecological assessment and confirmed that the applicant is yet to gain approval from all affected parties. We have requested further evidence as to how the tuna will be protected throughout the process. D.O.C have made contact to discuss the application with Ngāti Manawa as they did not support the application and were wanting to discuss a range of proposed consent conditions.

D.O.C Proposal

A proposal was received from and revised accordingly. We are currently in the process of finalising an agreement that would potentially fund and support the following initiatives.

  1. Water Training: Training initiatives to upskill and develop the staff. Eg. Day Skipper Course and Water Safety Course. DOC will cover course costs.

  2. GIS Presentation: A presentation by DOC to relevant Ngāti Manawa kaimahi to show the different ways in which DOC utilize GIS mapping tools and also for Ngati Manawa staff to familiarize themselves with its uses. DOC will cover catering and will utilise our own recently developed Mapping Tool.

  3. Tuna and Conservation Education: DOC funds and works with the Ngati Manawa Cultural Advisor to develop and deliver a tuna and conservation education programme for local schools and organisations.

  4. Cadetships for Tuna Team: DOC funds the training and upskilling of 2 individuals for the Tuna Mahi space in a cadetship-styled initiative. We dedicate a fixed training fund of $3000 per cadet.  Pastoral care will be provided by Manawa Tu.

  5. Tuna Protection – DOC provides, funding and support for tuna monitoring and trap and transfer equipment.

  6. River Recreation – DOC provides; funding and support for the maintenance and development of the walking tracks utilised by the local community.

Regional Council - L.T.P Funding

A funding agreement has been finalised through the Māori Policy Advisor which aims to build the capability of Ngāti Manawa to participate and make decisions in freshwater management, monitoring, data collection, and reporting. Hui will be held with the Kaumatua to collate their views regarding  N.P.S -Te Mana o Te Wai concept, the draft I.E.P, and C.I.A. The activities listed in this grant will be achieved in conjunction with the Te Mana o Te Wai project.


Rangitāiki Wetlands

A proposal has been requested from Placegroup for the Rūnanga to further consider. It has been suggested that the proposal include any proposed work, timeframes, and budgets. A site visit has been arranged to assess the work conducted with Regional Council and the contracts. Kaumatua have been extended an invitation to the field day trip scheduled and to be hosted by Tipapa Marae.

Horomanga Gravel Extraction

Whakatane District Council (W.D.C) is proposing to stockpile all material removed from below the Horomanga bridge for community use. We are yet to agree to any arrangements and receive details of any work schedule. W.D.C. is required to finalise proposed work plans with Regional Council.  Contact has been made with Regional Council to advise a decision will be made once the Rūnanga has received the requested documentation. Due to the large volumes of gravel being extracted throughout the rohe, it is recommended that discussions be held with the Development Group and local contractors to explore potential business ventures.

Three Waters

Confirmation has been sent on behalf of Ngāti Manawa to confirm that the Rūnanga will support the proposed recommendations as listed below.

  1. Support the key priorities as agreed to at the Entity B hui a iwi held on the 28th of April 2022.

  2. Support the Entity B Secretariat to continue working on your behalf in the implementation of the Three Waters.

River Works Review

A review of the river works was further discussed with the Regional Council representative. A planting day that is inclusive of Galatea School students is scheduled for mid-June. Other works include topping and mulching willow trees to reduce river erosion and the establishment of ponds. The ponds aim to filter discharge from the surrounding farms and provide additional habitat for the tuna. The ponds will require the establishment of native plants to improve and enhance the area. It is a trial project that will require ongoing monitoring.  Additional proposed works include the removal of willow trees currently felled into the Whirinaki river parallel to the Ngāti Manawa Incorporation whenua.




Jobs For Nature (DOC)

Since Brad Bluett left DOC for a position with MFE. There was no replacement or handover of information for the Taniwha Trails Project and a new team has been set up for the Job for Nature DOC project.  We work closely with Malcolm Harrison and Karito Paul to update them with the activities and outcomes of the project. This has resulted in a lot of hui to brief them on project site visits, activities, outcomes, and deliverables.

We have completed the Year 1 milestone reporting, and this is currently being assessed. We have finalised the Year 2 annual project activities and budgets with DOC.  A key focus for Year 2 is implementing the GIS mapping systems to record our cultural sites, native plant species, animal pest control, bird and water monitoring data collection and training for our JFN team in this area.

Taniwha Trails (TUR/MSD)

We also have a new Te Uru Rakau Analyst replacement Donna Waltz and our team have been working closely with Donna briefing her on the project partnerships, activities, site locations, milestone reporting and contract variations.


There are four partners in this contract Te Uru Rakau (TUR), Ministry of Social Development (MSD), DOC and TRONM who require milestone reports, results and finances to be met. We have completed Year 1 milestone report and have been signed off to start Year 2 project activities and contract funding.


There are 6 new Project in Community (PIC) kaimahi started on Monday 9th May.  They completed the Marae-based training course and went through a recruitment process with the Manawa Tu team.  These are MSD job seekers and funded by MSD for the Taniwha Trails restoration project in the community over a 6-month period to plant 20,000 native plant species.  This is a young roopu averaging around 18-20 years and working with Neville Tapsell (Supervisor).  The primary focus of their mahi is infill planting around our project sites with a key focus of Te Hineani Lookout and Ngahuinga.

We have also met with Dan Phillips (Timberlands) and reviewed the Tautika project site to discuss and confirm a plan forward for the harvested sites at Tautika. 


Timberlands have agreed to the following.

  • Tidy up existing track and construct a bridge. There is no walking access to track and resolve H&S issues, so the track can open for recreational use.

  • Timberlands to keep us informed on the internal discussion to take place on the removal of remaining trees along the track and river.

  • Timberlands to develop a land preparation and native planting plan for 2023 for native restoration along the river and retired harvested site areas.  

Marae Renovations Project

TRONM staff are working with Tipene James (TPK) on completing the overall final report for TPK and MBIE. Three of the marae renovations projects have been signed off by the PGF funding assessors, but the project is still active.


Rangitahi Marae Project

This marae renovations project has been signed off by the PGF Funding Assessors.


Painoaiho Marae Project

This marae renovations project has been signed off by the PGF Funding Assessors.


Moewhare Marae Project

This marae renovations project closure report has been submitted to the PGF Funding Assessors.   The kitchen stainless steel benches are installed and some of the equipment has arrived.  Work is being carried out by the marae with contractors to finish off the installation of equipment, grease traps, etc.

Tipapa Marae Project

This marae renovations project has been signed off by the PGF Funding Assessors.

Invitations had gone out to the Government agencies to attend the Opening of Tipapa Marae wharekai Takuate which happened on Saturday the 21st May. A big mihi to the Tipapa trustees and the Tipapa marae committee for an excellent day of celebrations with our whanau and our pakeke.   





Oranga Marae Funding

We were working with Maraea Ruri adviser with Oranga Marae Funding on the requirements for each marae to make an application. We have been advised that Maraea has a new job position within the organisation, and they will contact us with the newly appointed advisor.   Once this has taken place, we have suggested that a hui be arranged for all marae to meet with them to get an understanding of the process forward to apply for the Oranga Marae Funds under the umbrella of the Runanga or as individual marae either way it is the next steps forward for each marae to review and complete any further work required for their wharenui, ablution blocks or wharekai.


Please note each marae can initiate the Oranga Marae hui themselves and no further obligations are required by management.


Other Project Contracts:


Te Mana o Te Wai contract (MFE) is being finalised.  This team and project activity plans are underway.


Rural Community Hub contract (MBIE) is signed off. The Digital units will be at full capacity with the schools and new contract training workshops schedules to be finalised.


Covid Response Team (Te Arawhiti/MSD) continue to operate in Unit 2 & 3.  A review is underway with surveys, feedback, and planning forward.




Completed 8 days x 11 clients.

9 completed all assessments and unit standards.

5 have jobs with the Te Uru Rakau contract – track clearing and native planting May-Sept 2022.

3 have full-time jobs at KLC.

1 TBC induction with KLC.

2 x single mama’s we continue to support with license upgrades until ready for Mahi

Employment/Training Expo


On Friday the 27th May we had an excellent response to the employment expo and had the following providing stalls: 5 training providers, 3 health providers, and 5 employers – Rotorua forest haulage, KLC, Timberlands, Onuku farm trust, ISO attend the expo. We also had the Whakatane district council and NZ Police attend. All community networks were invited, including Kaumatua, Schools and we have advertised on all social media platforms and Manawa FM. This was a hugely successful day for the Runanga our staff and whānau within the community.


Marketing Merchandise was also distributed by staff as promotional bags which were handed out as part of the expo. Live streaming of the event was also a success for those that could not attend but still be part of the expo.



Projects In Community Contract – 6 clients have completed the police vetting process, the new pre-employment health checks with Lifecare consultants, documentation sign off & drug testing. They commenced work on Monday 9th May.



Timberlands, Rerewhakaaitu & Rotorua Nurseries - 22 have been employed for the 5 months of nursery work. The bigger group is from Kaingaroa. Induction was completed at Rangitahi marae with Jo Tuhakaraina and Manawa Tu’s Mahi Awhina. The Kai Awhina will now be working with the drivers to collect attendance sheets and provide pastoral support. Jo Tuhakaraina’s induction and entry into the work process have a lot to be desired and the Manawa Tu will be monitoring closely any issues our clients have on their journey through this contract.


MSD – Webinar scheduled for Wednesday 18th May.

Driver’s License Upgrades Jan – May 2022 Post Covid


“A picture is worth a thousand words” you had to be there that day when our 4 Murupara wahine cried with total pride together of their accomplishment. They all acknowledged Henry Flavell for his support and teaching style that got them through.



  • Those that were disqualified for a certain amount of time, that time has surpassed and clients are finding it hard to navigate through the court & VTNZ system when reapplying to re-sit.

  • Learner license applicants are unable to provide documentation with proof of address. The Manawa Tu team is finding quicker ways to access this documentation before testing day.

  • Covid meant all unvaccinated clients were unable to complete training during the traffic light system.

Manawa Tu Work for Life Centre outcomes Jan-April 2022


Total Outcomes Sept 2020 – May 2022



Go Live Media Training

The RDH Tech Crew Te Pahu Carson & Lyric Hillman have had to date five weeks training with Mark Hepi learning the concepts how live-streaming to complete their final training they will live-stream our employment & training expo. The promo video showcasing this event is viewable on our social media Facebook pages and website.



Te Hekenga o Tangiharuru Animation Storytelling

On Friday 6 April our animators provided a draft of the animations for our pou rahui using the karearea to fly through each wahi tapu site and incorporating the Taniwha animations animation stories.


A meeting has been organised to look at utilising school students to draw from their perspective on how they may have looked like back then with the assistance from the Kaumatua/ Cultural advisor and what information that we may have in our archives.


Te Whakanuia te mana o te ako matahiko Project

This home-based learning project under the digital hub will provide home learning & eLearning services. This will empower our Kaumatua and other age groups to become self-reliant during the COVID periods and reduce isolation.


Kaumatua will learn and utilise Zoom, Facetime to connect with whanau, telehealth, online banking, and basic computer skills. We are currently finalising our program that will begin in June and setting up laptops for kaumatua.


As outlined in my report earlier we have 3 trustees coming up for election in this rotation period. Below are those trustees that are seeking re-election and the schedule of the timetable of the election process.




Positions for Election:


RANGITAHI MARAE       Kani Edwards (1 position)


PAINOAIHO MARAE      Leonard Grace (1 position)


MOEWHARE MARAE      Laurie Porima (1 position)




Marae Member details: 2022 Numbers will fluctuate up until the close-off date of the iwi register 

Noho Rangimarie

Kani Edwards


Te Runanga o Ngati Manawa