Chairman's Marae Report September - October 2021

Covid Update.

Covid vaccine stations have been set up and are currently operating in Murupara. The project has been undertaken in collaboration with Te Ika Whenua Hauora, Te Puna Ora o Mataatua, and TRONM. Individuals have a right to choose whether they wish to get immunized and that right must be respected. Nonetheless, we encourage all of our whanau to get vaccinated when the opportunity arises. It is important that the greater number of whanau we vaccinate, the better chance we have of fighting back this sickness.


An incident occurred at the first vaccine station involving an assault on a staff member (the week before last). The Runanga in conjunction with the New Zealand Police is looking at how to keep our workers safe. The NZ Police is also investigating this incident on behalf of the Runanga.


Te Arawhiti and MSD have provided funding for COVID-related activities. In addition to vaccine information and vaccination stations, vouchers and supplies are provided to individuals in need in the community and Ngati Manawa participants are sourced if they would like to serve as vaccine testers.


Ngati Manawatanga

Now that we are back at level 2, the kaumatua research project will begin again. At the wananga on 25 September, tikanga and kawa were covered on the marae. We understand it was a successful wananga with a large attendance. Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa to all those that could attend and tautoko the kaupapa.


Iwi Development

Several job opportunities are available through our Manawa Tu programme - many of them are seasonal and located outside of Murupara. In addition to preparing workers for jobs, the Manawa Tu team also helps them obtain allowances and grants available from different sources.


Project work will be fundamental to the development of iwi capabilities and training given that it will provide real work experience and reconnect people to whenua.

Rangitāiki River Forum

A meeting was held on Friday the 3rd of September via zoom. The agenda items were inclusive of the following:

  • Forum Members Verbal Updates

  • Inclusion of additional Iwi Representation on the Rangitāiki River Forum

  • Participation of the RRF in the Essential Freshwater Policy Programme

  • Rangitāiki Catchment Programme Reporting

  • BOPRC Environmental Data Portal Demonstration

Council is working with all iwi to determine how the forum can best participate in the implementation of the freshwater policy statement. Work is being conducted by Council in the upper Rangitāiki catchment which is inclusive of addressing erosion and water quality. A Pou Taiao hui is scheduled on Friday the 24th of September to review Ngāti Manawa representation, priorities, and engagement strategies.


We have also had a change in representation for Ngati Manawa at the Rangitaiki River forum table. Maramena Vercoe has stepped down and has been replaced by Terewai Kalman as our Ngati Manawa with rep Karito Paora as our alternate on the board. We welcome the new changes and also would like to say a big mihi and thank you to Maramena for all of the hard work and dedication she has made to the river forum hui.


Marae Renovations Project

A quick overview due to covid lockdown we are 2 weeks behind schedule, and we are waiting on confirmation for new concrete pour dates, supplies and materials to arrive, manufactories deadlines extended out. The contractors have been awesome finishing off what they can until product, materials and supplies arrive, so on that note I can confirm the following:


Rangitahi Marae Project

This project is 95% complete, the final work is to complete concrete pathways, and we are waiting on the delivery date. The budget is expended, and this is now funded by the marae. After a Zui update and previous reports with MBIE, they have confirmed this project is now complete and does not require further milestone reports. They are happy with the final report,

invoice transactions, budget reports and the remaining costs are paid by the marae because this is an extension to the concrete pathways budget & project plan. The week from the 13th to 20th October we are expecting delivery for the concrete pathway.


Painoaiho Marae Project

This project is 95% complete, the final work is building the waharoa which was also due to start Wednesday the day of lockdown. The contractor has begun framing the Waharoa.


Tipapa Marae Project

This project is 80% complete, the final work required is the painting, flooring & concreting. This marae project required a lot of attention to ensure our funding covered a lot of unexpected work. The contractors have put so much time and work hours into this marae reducing costs where they can and providing alternatives as they understood this was going to be a challenge with our reduced budget funding from MBIE.


Well, the project team with our very tight budgets can be proud of the marae transformation it is stunning, we can't wait for all the equipment to be installed and Tipapa wharekai operational.

It is so satisfying to see a project and design plans come together however we could not do everything, but we do have the plans and costs to seek further funding elsewhere.


Moewhare Marae Project

The project work has started, we have met with contractors and quotes are in discussion and being finalised with Peter White (marae project lead) before work starts on the aluminium and roofing. The building work will be starting this week, however, plans still need to be finalised for the kitchen, IT suite and dining room. Liston will return to Tipapa when the kitchen equipment is installed, and final touch-ups will be completed.


Te Roopu Manaaki has cut and stacked the trees and logs laying around the marae and tidied up the paddock some arborist work has been done along the driveway entrance into marae but due to bad weather the roopu still need to do a couple of days work.


Overall, the marae renovation project is progressing well, we continue to adapt to the unexpected changes or delays as best we can. To date, we have met monthly and milestone reporting for funding tranches. Te Roopu Manaaki continues to assist with marae renovations as required by Liston.

Tipapa Marae
Tipapa new concrete
Moewhare kitchen & ablution block

Marae-Based Training

The 10-day marae-based training has been cut short 2nd week due to the covid lockdown. Clients have a group chat on Facebook where pastoral carers have kept in touch with the group over covid lockdowns. Feedback is they are all champing at the bit to complete. They have 2- days split groups to be transported to Rotorua to complete the OSH forklift. 1 day in the e-learning class to complete their site-safe ticket. Basic scaffolding to be delivered at Rangitahi marae, then graduation.

Planning/completion is dependent on covid level 1. Next cohort TBC mid-October. This Roopu will be filled easily as the current group is referring to whanau. The live stream of the chainsaw training at Rangitahi Marae, our Mahi Awhina posted on social media generated positive interest and comments from the community.


Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder that the confirmed date for the TRONM AGM is set for Saturday the 13th November at Rangitahi marae with an alternate date of 20 November.


Also with the uncertainty of Covid and what that might bring to many of our people, we will be partnering with GO LIVE media to Livestream the AGM at Rangitahi marae.


Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa.


Kani Edwards

TRONM Chairman